Yoshimura KTM 250XC F/350SX F RS-4 Stainless Full Exhaust/Aluminum Muffler

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KTM 250SX F 2016

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KTM 250XC F 2016

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The Husqvarna brand is regaining in popularity around the globe and Yoshimura is busy producing exhaust for the century old motorcycle brand. Now, both FC250 and FC350 can get more power from the Yoshimura RS-4 system. The RS-4 was born in 2009 and has been producing championship winning performance ever since.

  • Pentagonal-shaped sleeve
  • Front muffler cap functions as a polyresonant chamber which helps reduce noise
  • Two-stage stepped baffle
  • Carbon fiber end-cap
  • Stainless steel header and tail-pipe
  • Repack Kits, optional Inserts and Spark Arresters are available for all models

This product was designed to fit on a standard equipped motorcycle, as delivered from the factory. OE and Aftermarket accessories not found on a bike as delivered from the factory, may not be compatible with this product.

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