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Founded in 1955, Yamaha Motor Co. is a global superpower of motoring technology. In 1968, Yamaha shook the world with its revolutionary dual-sport motorcycle: the DT-1. In the years since, Yamaha has continued to thrill riders with its astounding range of motorcycles, scooters and more. Driven by passion and constant innovation, Yamaha is one of the most exciting names in motorcycling today.

With an award-winning partnership spanning over 15 years, Bikebiz are the go-to experts on Yamaha motorcycles. Our collection of Yamaha bikes includes everything from classic motorcycles, scooters and sport motorbikes to youth motorcycles and off-road motorbikes. Whichever model you choose, you’ll get to enjoy the speed, design, and quality that has made Yamaha a household name.

Shop with Bikebiz for both trusted advice and the peace of mind that comes with buying your Yamaha motorcycle from Australia’s leading Yamaha dealer.