Yoshimura Kawasaki KLX110/L '02-'21 RS-2 Stainless Full Exhaust/Carbon Fiber Muffler

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The RS-2 is a potent and versatile design that evolved from our original TRC, engineered to provide increased power and power delivery.

With a different pyramidal shape that features increased volume, the RS-2 is a quieter system with a larger core - and it offers the added bonus of outstanding performance in a value-priced package.

  • Diamond-shaped sleeve
  • Large core and increased muffler packing volume means quieter operation
  • Stainless steel cone end-cap
  • Stainless steel header and tail-pipe
  • USFS Approved spark arrester included
  • Repack Kits, optional Inserts and Spark Arresters are available for all models

This product was designed to fit on a standard equipped motorcycle, as delivered from the factory. OE and Aftermarket accessories not found on a bike as delivered from the factory, may not be compatible with this product.

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