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Metzeler MC 360 100/90 - 19 57M Mid Hard Rear Tyre


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Image is for illustration purposes. Product supplied is tyre only.

Metzeler range of products dedicated to Motocross, Supercross, Cross-country, non-F.I.M. Enduro and Freestyle. The perfect tyre for medium to hard terrains


  • Metzeler MC 360™ MID HARD is the perfect choice for medium and hard terrains and features have a higher land/sea ratio than the mid-soft to ensure an adequate footprint for maximum adhesion. 
  • Its unique characteristic is the CKB (Continuous Knob Binding) design that is a layer of rubber surrounding every knob to maximize the tearing and wearing resistance of knobs and the versatility of use in all terrains.
  • The front mid-hard specification has 5 rows of knobs equally spaced alternately split into 2 and 3 sections to maximize comfort by balancing the overall stiffness. On the shoulder area, MC 360™ MID HARD has alternated shovel-shaped and diamond-shaped knobs aimed to grant traction in lean and maximize self-cleaning capability.
  • Lateral half-shoulder knob is larger than the mid-soft specification, to ensure a half-lean grip on hard surfaces, where a wide footprint maximizes the effect of mechanical and chemical grip. 
  • Rear mid-hard also has 5 rows of knobs; the centre wide ones are equally spaced aligned with diamond-shaped knobs on the shoulders.
  • The overall tread pattern is denser than the mid-soft to ensure an adequate footprint by a higher land/sea ratio for maximum traction. 
  • On the shoulder area, the diamond-shaped knobs help both traction and cornering grip.


  • Metzeler MC 360™ is dedicated to racers of motocross, supercross, non-FIM enduro, freestyle providing maximum performance in any possible racing condition.
  • Versatile, strong and durable tyres reduce the tuning effort on the motorcycle by lowering the number of parameters to be tuned up.
  • Training with the same high-performance tyre of the race increases confidence, the ability too and the possibility to finally win.
  • Amateur racers will appreciate the plug-and-play solution to perform at their top with very few vehicle adjustments and an easy-to-use and always under-control tyre.
  • Cross-country racers ride both motocross and enduro motorcycles on mixed courses with fast motocross sections, using either 18” or 19” rear tyres. They will find in MC 360™ both motocross performances and enduro versatility and durability
  • Motocross & enduro for-fun riders will enjoy a valuable product with great dynamic performances. They need both motocross and enduro sizes based on their choice of machine and their eventual need for different-sized rims.


  • All MC 360™ tyres have a reversible tread pattern to prolong tyres life and give the possibility to reverse block’s angle of incidence when needed to maximize traction between one round to another.
  • Center knobs are very wide and thick to gain consistency and durability.
  • The structure of Metzeler MC 360™ is a high module, low shrinkage tri-ply made of strong and impact-resistant fibre. 
  • The polymers and ingredients used to develop the Metzeler MC 360™ compound are focused to increase knob’s stiffness for high-level dynamic performances and maximum resistance to heating and dynamic stress, to ensure a constant performance through the tyre life.
  • The new compounds were developed to deliver durability, tearing, cuts and puncture resistance, capitalizing on Metzeler’s expertise in racing Enduro.
  • The new compounds are 100% carbon black with a blend of both synthetic and natural rubber, providing high tearing resistance and durability.

Street Legal

  • All Metzeler MC 360™ range is street-legal for dimensional and integrity requirements. 
  • Using legal on-road fitments enables them to go back and forth to the track/training ground, or simply the wood close to home.
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