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Bridgestone Battlax T32 160/60ZR17 (69W) Rear Tyre


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Bridgestone’s state-of-the-art groove design resembles blood pulses. Improved neutral and linear handling results in ease of control. Naturally, this tire also provides stable performance on dry roads. Now you can savour the landscape, the sky and your riding free from weather or road conditions.

The SPORT TOURING T32: makes you want to go out and ride, any time, anywhere.

Recommended for:

● Riders who enjoy riding on a winding road with a touring motorcycle.

● Riders who enjoy riding a super sports bike with touring tires.

● Riders who want high performance in wet conditions.

● Riders who want to ride with a sense of security even when caught in unexpected rainfall.


  • HTSPC - High Tensile Super Penetrated Cord Steel cord material is comprised of individual rubber insulated inner filaments with high thermal conductivity to enhance heat transfer and reduce the risk of a blowout. Moisture does not accumulate between filaments, reducing the chance of oxidation. The features promote high-speed stability and durability of the tire as a whole. High case rigidity (grip performance) and superior shock absorption have also been achieved by these highly tensile filaments which have strong resistance to deformation.
  • Silica Rich Compound ensures high grip performance in low-temperature conditions at the early stage of riding and exhibits excellent wet performance.
  • Silica Rich Ex Performance in wet conditions is improved by greatly increasing the amount of silica compared to conventional SILICA RICH.
  • Polymer improves the wear resistance of tires, and silica is effective for wet performance. Although these two compounds are usually not compatible, the potential of both compounds is drastically increased by promoting affinity between them.
  • RC POLYMER for motorcycles, developed using Bridgestone’s key technology NanoPro-Tech®*, contributes to the improvement of wet performance and longer wear life.
  • NanoPro-Tech® is Bridgestone’s key technology which controls the nanostructure of tire materials through molecular design, in order to emphasize the needed characteristics of the material.
  • ULTIMAT EYE™ reproduces high-speed riding conditions in the laboratory that are equivalent to those of an actual vehicle, enabling tire contact surface behaviour to be visualized. In addition to the previous actual vehicle tests, this allows high-precision analysis and performance verification with a solid scientific basis. Using technology born to develop tires for the world’s most demanding car and motorcycle races, the measurement and analysis equipment can handle speeds of up to 400km/h and lean angles of up to 60 degrees.
  • 3LC (3 Layer Compound) technology. The shoulder compound provides an excellent cornering grip. The centre compound offers linear handling.
  • The CAP&BASE construction divides the shoulder compound of the tire into upper and lower sections. By using a high grip compound for the upper section of the shoulder, and a high stability abrasion-resistant compound for the lower and central sections provides a combination of both performance and mileage.
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