GB Racing BMW S1000RR/HP4 Crash Protection Bundle (Race)

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GBRacing Crash Protection Bundle (Race) for BMW S1000RR and HP4

Suitable for:

S1000RR 2009 – 2016

HP4 2013 - 2015 models only


Alternator / Generator / Stator Case Cover

Clutch / Gearbox Case Cover

Pulse / Timing Case Cover

Bullet Frame Sliders, left and right (Race)

8mm Paddock Stand / Swingarm Crash Bobbins

Lower Chain Guard / Shark Fin 

Race developed crash protection set consisting of clutch, alternator and pulse engine case covers, bullet frame sliders, 8mm paddock stand bobbins, and lower chain guard.

Injection moulded using a revolutionary new tough high-impact composite material made from 60% Long Glass Fibered Nylon 6.6, the engine covers provide superior impact and wear protection both on the track and on the street.

Easy installation - covers fit over existing aluminium engine case end with simple 3 or 4-point screw fixing (high quality replacement steel bolts and fitting instructions included). No messy glue or wire required.

Available in 'Street' and 'Race' variants - this item is the 'Race' variant.

The 'Street' set features bullet frame sliders with longer tubes to position the Bullet beyond the fairing like a conventional crash knob, offering greater protection for the fairing as well as other frame and chassis components. Approx tube length (end to shoulder) 50mm (left) 30mm (right).

The 'Race' set features bullet frame sliders with shorter tubes to position the Bullet virtually flush with the fairing, reducing the risk of bike flipping during a slide while still protecting the frame. Approx tube length (end to shoulder) 30mm (left) 20mm (right).

No modification of fairing required on 2009 - 2011 and 2015 - 2016 models (2012 - 2014 models require modification to right side fairing)

GBRacing crash protection can save you time, money, and a lot of grief by

  • Keeping your bike on the road or track and out of the workshop
  • Reducing damage repair bills
  • Reducing the likelihood of an insurance claim
  • Helping to preserve the original condition of your bike

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