R&G Yamaha MT-10 '16- Carbon Look Fender Extender

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R&G Fender Extender

R&G Fender Extenders offer additional protection to front-mounted coolers, downpipes and fairing panels from debris, road grit, mud and water kicked up by the front wheel. Attaching to the motorcycle's front mud guard / fender via included adhesive strips and pop rivets, installation takes only minutes.

Designed to mate exactly to the front mud guard / fender, thanks to the latest 3D scanning technologies. Each design is bespoke to its intended fender and offers tailored protection for best performance and aesthetics.

Made from ABS plastic and available in Black or Carbon Fibre effect finish.

This R&G Fender Extender is compatible with the Yamaha YZF-R1 '15- and MT10 '16- models.

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