Pirelli Night Dragon Tyres Front

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Performance Cruiser

Night Dragon

The cruising tyre that gives you Pirelli performance.


  • Constructed to fit both Harley Davidson and metric cruiser bikes.
  • Meets the increased engine sizes, torque/horsepower needs of today's V-Twins
  • Crafted for predictable feel and feedback, mixed with a compound for a high mileage and extreme grip at full lean and full throttle.


  • 130/90B-16 M/C 67H TL
  • 130/90B-16 M/C 73H TL REINF
  • MT90 B 16 M/C 72H TL
  • 150/80 B 16 M/C 71H TL
  • 130/80B-17 M/C 65H TL
  • 140/75 R 17 M/C 67V TL
  • 140/80-17 M/C 69H TL
  • 130/70B-18 M/C 63H TL
  • 130/70R-18 M/C 63V TL
  • 140/70-18 M/C 73H REINF
  • 100/90-19 M/C 57H TL
  • 110/90-19 M/C 62H TL
  • 120/70 ZR 19 M/C (60W) TL
  • 90/90-21 M/C 54H TL
  • MH90-21 M/C 54H TL
  • 120/70B-21 M/C 68H TL REINF

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