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Triumph Roadster Bikes

What are Triumph Roadster motorcycles?

Tracing its lineage back over more than a century, the common thread in the history of Triumph has been a focus on performance. Today the roadster range reflects this sharply in a family of modern motorcycles that has performance in its DNA. It goes right down to the iconic inline triple engine at the heart of these bikes – a configuration that is a Triumph trademark. The power, torque and even the distinctive sound appeal to savvy motorcyclists who value an edge in their riding experience.

Triumph’s modern road bike range mixes power and agility into a selection of distinctively styled machines, with models perfect for everyone from the new rider to experienced street riders with a taste for track action. Naked style, aggressive stance and the punch to back up the poise. The thrill ride starts here at Bikebiz, your Sydney Triumph connection.

Roadsters – which Triumph performance naked bike is best for me?

More than three decades ago Triumph stamped its mark on the street bike world with unashamed, in-your-face authority. The street fighter was born in the shape of the Speed Triple, and nothing has come close ever since. Three cylinders, one attitude – brute aggression. An unmistakeable roar from that big triple engine. Sharp street handling and character like no other bike. It’s a range that’s constantly evolving yet always true to its roots.

Hold on tight. The Speed Triple S packs a chesty 1050cc engine that’s evolved for more power, more revs and even more torque. The soundtrack is symphony of muscle, yet the ride is more agile than ever thanks to lower weight and higher spec suspension. Corner optimised ABS braking delivers helps you carve more confidently than ever. Smart rider modes include Road, Rain and Sport. And there’s a full-colour 5-inch TFT display and illuminate, intuitive switchcubes to put you in control of every feature.

If you’d like some extra sauce with your speed, the Speed Triple RS serves it up. Switch on an exclusive fourth ‘Track’ rider mode for those days you want to take it to the circuit. Revel in the extra bark you get from a genuine Arrow titanium sports silencer. And experience a new level of control with premium Ohlins 43mm inverted forks up front and a TTX36 twin tube rear monoshock, all fully adjustable.

But speed gets even bigger. Created for ultimate road performance, the new Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS is lighter, more responsive and much more powerful. There’s even more torque from an all-new 1160cc engine. The fastest accelerating, sharpest handing Speed Triple ever sets a new standard in how every element can combine to create the ultimate naked performance sports ride. All new chassis, premium suspension and class-leading electronics. Too much? Never. The Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS is the undisputed king of the street.

Why choose Bikebiz for my Triumph performance naked bike?

Pure biking passion has powered three decades of Bikebiz serving Sydney with good advice backed by great deals and service. We love bikes, it’s as simple as that, and we are big believers in Triumph’s past and future alike – we are both brands excited about where motorcycling is going. Centrally located, we’re your Sydney Triumph specialists.

At Bikebiz we do so much more than simply stock Triumph’s beautiful roadster range of performance nakeds. We know them inside out – literally. Rely on us for great deals and authentic, caring service long after the deal is done. Servicing, parts, accessories…we are here for you on every road, every ride. Take a look at our special offers or visit our store in Granville to see these amazing machines up close. We’re your Sydney Triumph connection.

How do I get started?

Talk with us. Every rider has their unique take on what’s most important to them – let us help match you to your perfect Triumph. You can be confident that wherever you are on your riding journey, we’ll spend the time to understand you and help you find what’s right.

Seems like a dream? Perhaps it’s closer than you think. Where great prices mean quick and competitive finance packages, the dream gets real, so take a look at our finance plans. Finally, confidence in your riding future comes with service by the people who know Triumph best – and that’s the Sydney Triumph team at Bikebiz. So let’s get started right now! Contact us for more information.