Honda NSC110 Dio

Honda NSC110 Dio in Pearl Iceberg White,parked


With a sleek, elegant body style and spacious seating for two, Honda's Dio is the perfect scooter for your everyday jobs, shopping trips, or days out on the beach. Soft as a feather, it has a smooth acceleration that goes with the simplicity of a snap. Driven by a fuel-efficient and powerful 108cc four-stroke PGM-FI engine. The Programmed Fuel-Injection system provides correct levels of fuel to the engine and reduces the effect on the atmosphere and your wallet. Idle halt also decreases Dio's fuel consumption and noise when waiting for a line, such as an intersection. Its wider than normal wide-diameter wheels provide stable handling and Honda's special Combined Braking System (CBS) provides maximum stopping capabilities. The spacious storage space under the bench, the electric starter, and the large 5.2-liter fuel tank add to the DIO's flexibility. Night riding doesn't delay in the two-tiered headlight scheme.