Motul Parts Clean

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Multipurpose non-chlorine degreaser

Use for Brakes and clutches, brake and clutch pad residue, all mechanical parts and systems engine dismantling, levers, axes of brake, clutch mechanical and shock absorbers, chain stops and adjusters, oil, grease and tar residue. Part Clean can also be used on non-metal parts including paint panels, elastomers, seals and plastics.


  • Remove brake pad residue with powerful spraying
  • Dissolve oil, grease, tar and brake fluid
  • Evaporates very quickly leaving no marks (approximately 10 seconds to dry)
  • Specially designed long stainless steel nozzle helps to access hard to reach areas.
  • Spray bottle can be used up-side down.
  • Ideal for workshops
  • 840ml spray can
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