La Corsa Road Head Stem Type Front Bike Stand

SKU#: 70-2061-06
4 x $39.75
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LA CORSA Motorcycle Front Lift - fixed height design. The stand utilizes the lower steering stem hole for the lifting point.

Sturdy 4 wheel design - excellent stability and easy to use.

Flat Pack packaging for transportation - easy to assemble.

Collapsible design for convenient storage at home, work or in the transporter.

Supplied with 5 standard fitting size pins: 13mm, 15mm, 16.5mm, 17mm and 18mm.

Note : Optional larger size pins are available (sold separately) - see below for size and part number.

Measure the inside hole diameter of the steering stem at the lower end.

  1. 19mm - P# 70-2061-19P
  2. 20mm - P# 70-2061-20P
  3. 21mm - P# 70-2061-21P
  4. 24mm - P# 70-2061-24P
  5. 27mm - P# 70-2061-27P

Caution : only use this stand on flat level and hard floor surfaces.

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