La Corsa 10 Piece Fly Wheel Puller

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Flywheel Puller Kit - 10 Piece

Kit contains 15 different thread combinations for various applications.

  • Rotor pullers - Single: M14 x P1.5, M16 x P1.5 & M18 x P1.5
  • Rotor pullers - Single: M19 x P1.0 & M28 x P1.5
  • Rotor pullers - Dual: M20 x P1.0 / M27 x P1.25, M22 x P1.0 / M25 x P1.5, M22 x P1.5 / M26 x P1.5
  • Rotor Pullers - Dual: M24 x P1.0 / M27LHT x P1.0, M26 x P1.0 / M28 x P1.0

Suitable for use on most motorcycles and ATV's.

Packaged in a blow moulded case for protection and easy storage.

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