Ferodo FMD0017FR SX/SXF/EXC/EXCF/BETA Brake Disc

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  • Stepped Outer Profile - To enhance heat dissipation and help resist warping at high temperatures.
  • Self Cleaning Design - Unique countersunk holes assist with the removal of dirt build-up on the brake pads and disc rotor.
  • Lightweight Design - Reduces unsprang weight effect.
  • Highest Quality - Machined from a high carbon grade of stainless steel and fully heat-treated for improved disc and pad wear life benefits.

Manufactured to ISO 9001 Standards to ensure a high quality product for competition and off-road applications.

Suitable for FERODO Sintered SG for wet muddy condition and Non Sintered P or EF formulations in dry and dusty conditions for excellent braking performance.


  1. New brake disc rotors and brake pads (either front or rear) should be fitted by a qualified technician.
  2. The Brake System comprising of master cylinder and caliper should be cleaned and serviced with new Hi Temp Racing Brake Fluid.
  3. It is essential to follow the correct 'bed-in' procedure to achieve the best braking performance.
  4. Caution - the new FERODO disc rotor should be thoroughly cleaned to remove the protective coating prior to fitment.
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