Ferodo FDB2219 ZR Racing Brake Pad Set

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FERODO Item # FDB2219 ZR

  • Sinter Grip Race ZR Series - front Race fitment only for SX, MX and Enduro.
  • Each Pad Set contains two individual pads for fitment to one disc rotor caliper.
  • Developed in National and World Championship level of competition, where Champions rely on fast bedding-in and extended pad life properties to achieve winning results.
  • The ZR Race Series has the highest performance in the FERODO off-road range while still offering exceptional control throughout the temperature range.
  • This Sintered formulation delivers outstanding braking performance and will assist to disperse abrasive wear particles when used in dry sandy / dusty surfaces or the wettest muddy conditions.
  • Special metallic powders and filler compounds are pressed and fused together at a high temperature to create this Sintered Racing product.
  • Suitable for stainless steel disc rotors only.


  1. New brake pads should be fitted by a qualified technician and 'bed-in' correctly to achieve the best braking performance.
  2. The Disc Rotor should be inspected and replaced if damaged or worn.
  3. The Brake System should be cleaned and serviced with new Hi Temp Racing Brake Fluid.
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