DNA High Performance Air Filter Yamaha YZF-R3

SKU#: P-Y3S15-01
4 x $24.99
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DNA Turning Air Into Power


The DNA® dream becomes alive when every throttle twist delivers the amazing feeling of joy and freedom that no dynamometer can measure. Its the experience of pure satisfaction, coming from total harmony of man and machine. This is DNA®s human oriented vision, the foundation that supports a solid corporate structure. Each product is a sealed contract with every rider, for life lasting quality and high performance, for him, his bike and the environment. But above all, inside every DNA® box, lives more than a high performance product: DNA® comes with the passion of dedicated motorcycle enthusiasts and the friendly companionship that is so unique among our community. DNA® High Performance Filters are made to transform air into power, the power to smile every time you twist the throttle!

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