Cargol Tyre Repair Plug & Rope Kit Large

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GK022 contains the following items to ensure your time on the side of the road is minimised.

5 x Cargol Turn & Go Tubeless TyreRopePlugs

4 x Cargol Turn & Go Tubeless Tyre Plugs

5 x 16g Co2 Bottles for Tyre Reinflation (3 should be enough for most common tyre sizes)

1 x Needle Nose Pliers for Puncture Object Extraction

1 x 90 Degree Valve Extension to Co2 Bottle Adaptor

1 x Chalk to mark puncture area

1 x Co2 Adapter

1 x Reaming Tool

1 x Insertion Tool

1x Knife

Cargol Turn & Go Features at a glance.

No tools required.

No mechanical ability or special skills required.

No force required, Cargol screws into the tyre with ease.

Extremely quick, it takes less than 30 seconds to install the plug.

No glue to go off before you need to use it.

Compact size will fit easily under any motorcycle seat.

No dirty hands to try and clean on the side of the road.

For safety we always recommend repaired tyres are inspected by a tyre professional as soon as practical.

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