Cargol Turn & Go Four Co2 Bottle Top Up Kit

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The Cargol Turn & Go system is a totally new way to ensure your trip is not disrupted in the unfortunate event of a punctured tyre. Cargol Turn & Go system is designed to be simple to use and fast. It requires no skills or tools to use. Once you have removed the offending object from the tyre with the needle nose pliers supplied in your kit, you simply screw the specially designed and patented Cargol plug all the way into the puncture, then break the head off the Cargol and use the Co2 cartridges and adaptor supplied with your Cargol kit to reinflate the tyre. It really is that easy. Why wait hours for roadside assistance when you can be going again in a few minutes?

Can be used with all Turn & Go Kits (GK008)

  • Emergency repair refill kit
  • 2 x Cargol "Turn & Go" style plugs
  • 4 x Co2 Bottles and straight adaptor
  • For tubeless cars,motorbikes & scooters
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