BMC FBPF55-70L Oval Left 55M Universal Air Filter Element

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CUSTOM / RACING APPLICATION - Check dimensions for suitable fitment to your particular Make & Model.

Dimensions: Oval Tapered Offset Left Hand Mount - Inlet Mounting Diameter 55mm / Base 105mm x 75mm / Chrome End Cap 75mm x 52mm / Overall Height 81mm.

BMC air filters are designed as a performance accessory item.

The benefits are increased air flow intake capacity combined excellent filtration to assist with engine, ignition or exhaust system modifications.

The BMC Standard multi-layered 4 ply cotton fabric medium soaked with BMC's special blend low viscosity oil to contain airborne impurities down to 7 microns in size.

The filter can be washed and re-serviced with the BMC Filter Care products to extend the filter life.

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