Ariete MX Unity Half Waffle Orange Hand Grips

SKU#: 55-026-21O
4 x $3.74
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ARIETE UNITY is the entry-level version of the ARIETE TRINITY grip. UNITY HALF-WAFFLE (half-waffle away from the rider, for extra purchase)is moulded in a single-compound format.

Main features:

  • pronounced inner flange;
  • anatomically-profiled channel at the inner end for thumb and forefinger;
  • outer cap pre-marked for piercing, with a cutting guide for use with all-round hand guards;
  • Four wire-on grooves for extra security. The fourth groove is at the extreme outer end of the grip, and prevents grit from being trapped between bar and grip or bar and twist grip when used with hand guards; -- length 125mm, standard 22/24mm diameter.
  • Supplier No.02621/A-AR
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