Willie & Max Revolution Standard Saddlebags

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Quality Motorcycle Luggage

Using equal parts steel, leather and labor, Willie and Max has become a storied motorcycle legend among riders and enthusiasts alike. Our master craftsmen have inherited the rich tradition of pride of work, using premium leather and time-honored techniques to make iconic, durable saddlebags and road gear. Willie & Max has earned its wings as the authentic American riding brand, designing and crafting the highest quality saddlebags and gear on the road today.


  • Reinforced backs
  • Reinforced zip off yokes
  • Powder coated wire frames and reinforced gussets retain saddlebag shape
  • Quick release chrome buckles
  • Synthetic Leather for the long haul
  • Size: 20.5"x11.5"x6"
  • Willie & Max Stock No. SB1901

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the bag I like fit my bike?

After viewing all of our styles, shapes and sizes pick the bag that you like and then check the measurements listed for the bags that you want. Use a ruler on your own motorcycle to make sure it will fit. Every bike is different; use our illustrated reference guide.

Will your bags fit over my seat or can I hard mount them to my bike?

All of our bags are designed to be mounted over or under the seat. Our bags can also be used with quick release and hard mount products using our hard mount saddlebag support brackets.

Do you make bags for specific motorcycles?

We do not make specific bags for specific bikes. Our saddlebags are designed to universally fit most of the standard bikes on the market.

Do you recommend and sell saddlebag supports?

Yes we definitely recommend saddlebag supports. Without these there is potential for the saddlebags to contact the rear tyre / wheel and compromise your motorcycles safety.

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