Ventura Astro Yamaha MT-07 '14-'17 32L Top Box Kit

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Rack Mounted Luggage


Yamaha MT-07 2014-2017

ASTRO 32 litre Top-Box kits are the first hard motorcycle luggage from Ventura. The designers and engineers at Ventura have continued the Ventura philosophy of the Bike-Pack system, for the first time offering a lockable hard luggage system that helps with mass centralization by carrying the load as close to the centre of the bike as possible.

Especially when riding solo as it can be mounted forwards over the pillion seat to improve mass centralization. Having the luggage positioned in this way also reduces wind resistance, which helps maintain handling and maneuverability of your bike.


  • 4 way adjustable topbox carrier
  • 32L lockable topbox fits 1 x helmet
  • red reflector

Bag Features:

  • Lockable 32 Litre topbox with mounting plate.
  • 5kg weight limit.
  • The box can be mounted facing forward when riding solo, or to the rear with a pillion. 

Kit Includes:

  • L brackets
  • fully adjustable TBR30 topbox carrier
  • 32L Astro Ventura topbox

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