R&G Honda CBR500R '16- Tail Tidy

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R&G Tail Tidy

This Tail Tidy is suitable for:

  • Honda CB500F (2016)
  • Honda CB500F (2017)
  • Honda CB500F (2018)
  • Honda CBR500R (2016)
  • Honda CBR500R (2017)
  • Honda CBR500R (2018)
  • Honda CBR500R (2019)
  • Honda CBR500R (2020)

Radically tidy up the rear end of the Honda CBR500R '16- & CB500F '16 - models with this R&G Tail Tidy. Its stainless steel and matte black powder coated construction and design ensures long lasting durability and performance. R&G tail tidy unit is easy to fit and will radically transform the rear end of the bike, removing the expansive (and often ugly!) OEM licence plate holders - replacing them with a much sleeker looking unit, tucking the number plate underneath the rear seat unit, for a much more stylish sporty look.

Compatible with the Honda CBR500R '16- models, this R&G tail tidy is bolstered with its out of the box "plug-and-play" wiring connectors allowing for a seamless installation, plus includes out-of-the-box compatibility with both OEM indicators or aftermarket (8mm) micro/mini indicators thanks to the included adaptor plates.

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