Philips CityVision Moto H4 Halogen Globe

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Ride With Style - CityVision Moto

Designed for city riders - Philips CityVision Moto headlights are specifically designed to increase rider’s security in city environment. The attention-grabbing orange effect as well as the light output increase by 40% allow a safer riding experience in traffic and actively participate in accident reduction.


  • Philips moto lamps are made of high-quality quartz glass
  • The choice of major motorcycle manufacturers
  • Specifically developed for city riders

At Philips, we believe that road safety begins with appropriate lighting. Our motorcycle lighting solutions are engineered to provide a powerful, bright light for maximum safety.

Being seen on a motorcycle is equally important as seeing, so we have designed a full range of lighting solutions to provide the safety your customer needs as well as the styling.

Philips Motorcycle Lighting Range Key Features and Benefits

Majority of Philips headlamps are made with quartz: Philips UV-quartz glass

  • Maximum resistance to high pressure for extra light and longer lifetime
  • Highest level of resistance to risk of explosion, vibrations, and temperature extremes
  • Harmful UV-radiation protection Philips vibration resistance technology
  • Optimised filament and base to withstand the strongest vibrations Philips maximum performance and durability
  • Optimised gas pressure and composition
  • Optimised high-performance burner Philips advanced coating technology
  • Orange for extra safety
  • Blue for more style.

**Application varies per lamp types

All Philips halogen lamps bear the Original Equipment quality seal. It certifies that Philips is the choice of all major car and motorcycle manufacturers, guaranteeing:

  • High quality products for more safety
  • Philips state-of-the-art technology
  • ECE certification and homologation
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