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Yamaha Enduro Motorcycles

Yamaha Enduro motorcycles

It’s easy to see just how seriously Yamaha takes enduro motorcycling - the Yamaha range is unmatched, with a bike for every type of rider. Whether you are just getting into off-road riding or need an open class beast to power you to a championship win, you’ll find it here.

Yamaha appreciates that for some racers, the call of the mighty 2-stroke is strong, so you’ll find both 125cc and 250cc bikes in the YZ range. As for 4-strokes, it was Yamaha that originally created the competition thumper, and the bloodline today is as strong as it’s ever been, represented by 250cc and 450cc machines.

Veteran or novice. Pure Enduro or Cross Country. The dirt is calling. You’ll find a Yamaha perfect to take it on right here. 

Which Yamaha Enduro motorcycle is best for me?

With no fewer than 7 Enduro bikes to choose from in the Yamaha range, there really is something for every type of rider.

If you’re just getting started or if howling, small-capacity 2-strokes are simply your thing, the YZ125X is perfect. A YZ-based aluminium frame wraps up a 125cc 2-stroke engine with off-road tuning and Yamaha’s Power Valve System for optimum rideability, matched to a 6-speed transmission. There are slim off-road ergos, the best forks in the class thanks to KYB, and a host of handy dirt features including an 18” rear wheel and lightweight side stand.

Need even more power from your premix? The YZ250X offers up an instant hit of adrenaline, created specifically for enduro. Like its sibling there’s an 18” rear wheel, off-road tyres and side stand. KYB forks are up front, too. But inside that aluminium frame lurks a 249cc engine with the soul of a YZ, tuned for off-road with a revised CDI, compact expansion chamber and wide ratio 5-speed transmission. At just over 100 kilos, this is just the bike to keep the open-class thumpers honest.

The YZ250FX is a cross country racer pared back to just what’s needed to make it quick, agile and rock-solid reliable. Think of it as a YZ that qualifies for recreational rego in the applicable states. There’s enduro-optimised power from a revolutionary rear slanted, front intake engine with a tough clutch and six-speed transmission. The engine can be optimised with Yamaha’s Smartphone Tuner App and there is selectable mapping available from a handlebar switch. Electric start, big bashplate, top quality suspension, slim ergos. The works. 

It’s hard to believe the WR250F qualifies for LAMS, but perhaps that’s down to the broad, smooth power delivery from an engine that’s comprehensively revised and stronger than ever….and can be optimised using Smartphone tuning. A central fuel tank puts mass in the optimum position for agility. A free flowing airbox is up front. There’s a bar-mounted engine map switch, lightweight speed sensor and what’s accepted as the industry’s best enduro suspension front and rear.

Reckon too much of a good thing is just about right? If that’s your philosophy, the new YZ450FX will be perfect for you. Very much a tweaked YZ that qualifies for recreational rego in applicable states, its fuel injected mill has the aggressive cam profiles and cylinder geometry that serve up big power to take on any off-road challenge. It’s Smartphone tuneable, and engine maps are also switch-selectable from the handlebars. Slim ergos and great mass centralisation come together to create a high speed scalpel for carving up the bush. 

The WR450F is the latest evolution of a legend that’s simply born to ride. That bomb proof engine is now better than ever, more compact, with a lighter cylinder head, improved EFI and more power. Smartphone tuning and switchable mapping are standard. Angled radiators keep things cool. The compact electric starter makes all the difference on hill starts. The frame is lighter and the new exhaust is mass centralised. Everything is quicker, lighter and turns harder. And yes, it’s LAMS approved. 

Limited to just 400 units, the WR450FSP is instantly recognisable - and desirable. It’s packed with every WR450F feature. That amazing engine. A 5-speed transmission that’s tougher than ever. A front end revised for greater rigidity. And this special Aussie Edition also features striking blue graphics with a kangaroo emblem, as well as special Australian sourced accessories and a model-specific Akrapovic muffler. 

Why choose Bikebiz for my Yamaha Enduro motorcycle?

Bikebiz has decades of association with the Yamaha brand, so you can put your trust in our Yamaha experts. There’s a big range, real understanding, superb service and of course very competitive prices on Yamaha Enduro bikes and indeed every bike in the Yamaha range.

Centrally located in Parramatta, we’re ready to show you through the whole range in a Sydney Yamaha showroom that will help you get your journey started.

We always aim to offer the best prices in the city – just take a look at our special offers and finance plans, and you’ll see we’re serious about value.


How do I get started?

Your Sydney Yamaha specialist team is ready to meet you at our store in Parramatta. Our enthusiastic people will be happy to walk you through the showroom and answer any questions you might have about the Yamaha Enduro motorcycle range. Can’t wait to get started? Browse our website any time at all, or just give us a call. At Bikebiz, we’re ready to help you get out front in the bush today!