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Yamaha Agricultural Motorcycles

Yamaha Agricultural Motorcycles

Out on the land, through heat and dust, rain and mud, good seasons and lean times, it’s important to have something that you really can rely on to step up, work hard and deliver the goods day in and day out. That something is a Yamaha Ag bike.

Yamaha Agricultural motorcycles are reliable without question and practical without exception. That’s why it’s never hard to find one out in a field or in amongst the stock on farms and orchards all over Australia. This is a range of hard-working machines that’s only improved over the years, every innovation adding ease of use and even more practicality to bikes that are often asked to do much more than they were designed for - and yet they keep coming back for more.

Ask any primary producer in this country and they’re likely to tell you that life on the land would be a lot easier if only everything was as dependable as their Yamaha Ag bike.

Which Yamaha Agricultural motorcycle is best for me?

The Yamaha Ag 100 that served faithfully for years has evolved into the new Yamaha AG125, created for even greater reliability and quiet, frugal running. The new 125cc 4-stroke air-cooled single cylinder engine is simple, straightforward and easy to maintain. It’s made even easier to live with through push button electric start, with kick starting as a backup. Brakes are sealed drums and the chain is fully enclosed, both features that keep out dust and mud, aiding longevity. There are two handy racks, as well as hand and engine protection bars. There are even two wide-footed sidestands, one on each side of the bike, to make parking easy almost anywhere. 

You’d be hard pressed to choose a better balance of performance and versatility than the Yamaha AG200F. This is a bike created from scratch for farm work, with no gimmicks and no compromises. The rock-solid 200cc 4-stroke engine features electric start with kick backup. Just like it’s little brother, the AG200F features two racks, engine and hand protection bars and sidestands on both sides. There’s also a clutch lock that’s handy when opening and closing gates happens every day, and all-day comfort from smart ergonomics, plush suspension and a seat that’s set low but padded generously.

The TT-R230 steps up performance and handling for younger riders out on the land and old hands who like a bike that can give them a smile as they go about their day. The air-cooled 230cc 4-stroke single drives predictable, broad power through a silky 6-speed gearbox. Plush suspension is designed to handle just about any trail - yet delivers surprisingly low seat height. A front disc brake gives great stopping power and lightweight aluminium wheels keep unsprung weight low for real agility. YZ-inspired looks top off a bike that’s reliable and incredibly versatile, wherever you choose to take it.

Why choose Bikebiz for my Yamaha Agricultural motorcycle?

Bikebiz has decades of association with the Yamaha brand, so you can put your trust in our Yamaha experts. There’s a big range, real understanding, superb service and of course very competitive prices on Yamaha Ag bikes and indeed every bike in the Yamaha range.

Centrally located in Parramatta, we’re ready to show you through the whole range in a Sydney Yamaha showroom that will help you get your journey started.

We always aim to offer the best prices in the city – just take a look at our special offers and finance plans, and you’ll see we’re serious about value.


How do I get started?

Your Sydney Yamaha specialist team is ready to meet you at our store in Parramatta. Our enthusiastic people will be happy to walk you through the showroom and answer any questions you might have about the Yamaha Ag bike range. Can’t wait to get started? Browse our website any time at all, or just give us a call. At Bikebiz, we’re ready to help you find the reliability and versatility you’re looking for.