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Suzuki Enduro Motorcycles

Suzuki Enduro Bikes

Suzuki’s Enduro range of bikes perfectly blends power with practicality, able to cover long distances and roads ranging from city streets to highways. This manufacturer has always been on the frontline of technological innovation, and that fact is highly evident when you take a look at its DR series. Available in a range of sizes with engines suited to riders of all abilities, our Suzuki Enduro motorcycles are in a league of their own – and available at Sydney’s best value prices here.

Which Suzuki Enduro bike is best for me?

Choosing the right Enduro bike largely depends on your riding style, practicality requirements and design preferences, though every bike in the DR range guarantees to turn heads, whether you’re riding through the country roads of the outback or the inner-city streets of Sydney. These bikes are just as good at venturing off-road as they are on tarmac, enabling you to truly unlock your full potential.

One of the most legendary Suzuki Enduro motorcycles is the 650, and the latest DR650E is easily one of the most versatile bikes on the market. It can handle hardcore adventures, commuting and long-distance tours. If you want to be able to travel anywhere on a pioneering machine, you should take a look at the Suzuki DR650E.

Looking for something with a little less power to get started? Browse the DR200S, which is perfect for learners and novices looking to gain a little confidence in various riding terrains. Its bodywork and styling feature distinctive graphics which guarantee to make you stand out. And its 199cm3 single-cylinder air-cooled four-stroke engine provides the perfect blend of power and torque.

Check out our full range of Suzuki Enduro bikes below:

Why choose Bikebiz for my Suzuki Enduro motorbike?

If you’re looking for the world’s best and latest bikes at prices that can’t be beaten, you’ve come to the right place. At Bikebiz, we’re proud to be Sydney’s leading dealership, a title we’ve held for over 30 years.

As a team of motorbike enthusiasts, we can help you choose the perfect Suzuki adventure bike for your riding style, level of ability and ambitions. And if you want to view how high value we are, we encourage you to check out our offers and finance options. Need a supplier that offers more than just new bikes? You’ll be glad to know we can keep yours in top shape thanks to our comprehensive Suzuki service.

How do I get started?

First, take a look at the awesome Suzuki Enduro bikes listed on this page, where you can view images, learn more about the specifications and find out which bike is right for you. If you need advice, don’t hesitate to call us. Alternatively, visit our store in Parramatta to get your hands on the latest range of Suzuki bikes. We can almost guarantee you’ll love what you see.