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Kawasaki LAMS Motorcycle Range

What is a Kawasaki LAMS approved bike?

Every serious rider knows that Kawasaki is one of the biggest names in the world of motorcycling. What some novice riders might not realise is that they can legally ride a powerful Kawasaki machine that perfectly blends aggressive acceleration with manageability and safety.

Under the LAMS scheme, learner riders can ride a bike with an engine up to 660cc. LAMS approved bikes may be slightly limited with regards to power, but they still pack a punch, and they’re like a bullet off the mark. They’re also affordable, perfect for beginners and super stylish.

Which Kawasaki LAMS motorcycle is best for me?

When choosing a Kawasaki LAMS bike, you should take your weight and height into consideration. 2-metre-tall bodybuilders might struggle to get any bike with an engine smaller than 300cc to move. But younger riders might feel comfortable on a nippy scooter with an engine even smaller than 150cc.

Then, of course, you need to think about your riding style and ambitions. Do you want to burn rubber on the tarmac, travel across the country or tear up the dirt trails?

If you want a Kawasaki that perfectly blends speed with racing looks, you’ll almost certainly love the Ninja series. More interested in classic designs? The Vulcan series look like true icons, yet they’re packed with modern features and technologies ranging from ABS to engine management systems that keep you safe while enhancing performance.

Planning on tackling dirt jumps and tracks? The Z125 and KLX230 are some of the best in class. More interested in an all-rounder that’ll float over any road at any time? Take a look at the Versys range, which come with engines as large as 650cc.

Why choose Bikebiz for your Kawasaki LAMS motorbike?

At Bikebiz, our sole mission in life is to help riders and motorcycle hobbyists buy machines that guarantee years of adrenaline-fueled excitement. There’s nothing better than blasting through the wind on a Kawasaki learner bike that’s designed to provide the ultimate balance of fun and safety. And, as a team of motorcycle enthusiasts with over 30 years of experience, there’s no better company to buy your Kawasaki LAMS bike from than us.

We don’t expect you to buy a bike without viewing it in person first. Head over to our store in Granville, and experience how a Kawasaki learner bike feels firsthand. 

How do I get started?

Browse our range of Kawasaki LAMS approved motorcycles online to get a glimpse of what’s available. Then, head over to our store, where you’ll get your fix of adrenaline just by looking at what’s on offer. Our advisors will talk you through specifications, insurance plans, our flexible finance options, and servicing requirements. If you want to speak to us before visiting our showroom, simply give us a call, and we’ll provide more details over the phone.