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Kawasaki Agricultural Motorcycles

Kawasaki Farm Bikes

Looking for a bike that was designed specifically to tackle Australia’s uniquely harsh weather and terrain conditions with ease? Need a farm bike that’s the most powerful in its class and arguably the most reliable? Our range of Kawasaki agricultural bikes come with 250cc engines, which is 50 ccs more than any other farm bike on the market. They’re also nimble, lightweight and easy to handle. If you want to browse Sydney’s best value range of Kawasaki farm dirt bikes for sale, you’ve come to the right place.

Which Kawasaki farm bike is best for me?

Kawasaki designed its agricultural bikes with a bold mission – to be the most fit-for-purpose machines on the Australian market. Since being released a few years ago, the latest Kawasaki farm bikes have already taken our nation by storm.

The Kawasaki Stockman 250 is our best-in-class Kawasaki farm bike. It wouldn’t look out of place on a dirt track, but it’s chassis, frame and performance have all been designed with the Australian farmer’s requirements in mind. It weighs just 133kg, which means its 248cc engine packs one hell of a punch. Steep inclines, muddy trails and grasslands won’t prove to be mobility obstacles when you’re riding one of these mean machines.

As you’d expect from a Kawasaki, the Stockman 250 offers bulletproof reliability. It also features an engine air-cooling system for added simplicity and that extra peace of mind. Its lime green design and limited bodywork make this bike just as easy on the eye as on the farm. Come to our store in Granville to see this workhorse for yourself. We guarantee it’ll remain the ultimate agricultural bike for years, and we can extend its lifespan thanks to our high-value Kawasaki service.

Why choose Bikebiz for my Kawasaki agricultural motorbike?

At Bikebiz, we only supply the world’s best motorcycles because we’re motorbike enthusiasts ourselves, so why would we settle for anything but the best for our clients? We also stock a range of other bikes from Kawasaki, including cruisers and sportbikes, meaning we have the perfect machine for you regardless of your riding ambitions. We’re the leading Sydney dealership because of our unbeatable prices, excellent deals and range of finance options. And the only thing that rivals our product range is our level of customer care.

How do I get started?

The Kawasaki Stockman 250 makes getting around your farm a breeze. Just wait until you ride it, and you’ll never want a replacement thanks to its speed, reliability and pure entertainment (why not have fun while tending to your land?) Make an enquiry online to learn more about what’s on offer. Or, visit our store in Granville, where we’ll show you our machines, take you on a tour around our showroom and detail our range of insurance and finance plans. Any questions, don’t hesitate to call.