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Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE in Emerald Blazed Green with Pearl Storm Gray colour


With the much greater comfort and flexibility, Kawasaki proudly introduces a new model designed to give full riding pleasure in a wide range of street riding conditions, such as the Versys 1000 2015-2018. If riding alone or two together, around the corner of the globe, this fun-to-ride road sports bike combination of a highly responsive In-Line Four engine tuned for versatility and a nimble frame fitted with a balanced suspension would have riders grinning from ear to ear. The calm, upright riding posture provides a high degree of machine power and is complemented by a very comfortable seat and strong wind safety, making it possible to spend a long time in the saddle. Change your vision and ride the Kawasaki VERSYS 1000 SE; comfort and performance. The new model benefits from a range of enhancements that contribute to both riding enthusiasm and touring ability. The engine is now fitted with Electronic Throttle Valves, which allow the inclusion of Electronic Cruise Control. And the inclusion of specialized Kawasaki IMU-equipped rider assistance systems adds to both riding comfort and rider morale.