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Honda Touring Motorcycles

Honda touring motorcycles

Honda motorcycles have always been at the forefront of touring, building innovation, power, comfort and legendary reliability into every motorcycle. Tackling the world’s great open roads in style and luxury have always been key, and Honda have refined this concept over the decades, constantly enhancing the rider experience and in doing so creating a true motorcycling icon - the Honda Goldwing

Which Honda touring motorcycle is best for me?

When you’re on a good thing, stick to it - that’s the axiom that has led touring motorcyclists globally over 4 decades to show unerring loyalty to one bike - the Honda Goldwing. Nothing has ever come close in the realm of luxury motorcycle touring, until now. And of course that bike is the latest Goldwing, completely redesigned for the first time.

The result is something very special.

The Goldwing frame has been redesigned as a twin-tube aluminium structure incorporating castings for light weight and optimum handling. Rider and passenger are both further forward for the same reason. 

The new engine is an F6 horizontally opposed 6-cylinder with 1800cc, lighter, more compact, smoother and more powerful than ever. For the first time, the engine features an Integrated Starter Generator and Idling Stop System for improved economy. There’s even hill start assist for smooth takeoffs on any incline, and low-speed reverse. Cruise control? Naturally.  

Choose 7-speed automatic dual clutch transmission or 6-speed manual. And no other motorcycle rolls out quite as many rider aids, safety features and luxuries, including electric windscreen, Throttle By Wire, Smart Key, ABS and Apple Car Play.

40 years in the making, there is still simply nothing to compare to the new Honda Goldwing.

Why choose Bikebiz for my Honda touring motorcycle?

Bikebiz has a close association with the Honda brand, so you can put your trust in our Honda experts. There’s a big range, real understanding, superb service and of course very competitive prices on Honda’s touring motorcycles and indeed every bike in the Honda range.

 Centrally located in Granville, we’re ready to show you through the whole range in a Sydney Honda showroom that will help you get your journey started.

We always aim to offer the best prices in the city – just take a look at our special offers and finance plans, and you’ll see we’re serious about value.


How do I get started?


Your Sydney Honda specialist team is ready to meet you at our store in Granville. Our enthusiastic people will be happy to walk you through the showroom and answer any questions you might have about the Honda touring motorcycle range. Can’t wait to get started? Browse our website any time at all, or just give us a call. At Bikebiz, we’re ready to help you enjoy the ultimate motorcycle touring experience starting right now!