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Honda Scooter Range

The Honda Scooter Range 

Nobody knows scooters like Honda. It started with  the venerable Super Cub, first released in 1958 and still available today some 100 million units later. Honda has brought convenience, economy, fun and unmatched reliability to the world for many decades. 

Today Honda offers the Super Cub and a whole range of other scooters designed to meet the needs of the modern urban rider who demands a fuss-free ride, great economy, safety and of course that same starts-every-time reliability that Honda is so well known for. 

There’s never any reason to feel limited - there are Honda scooters here for LAMS riders and open-class licence holders, those who love the traditional look and riders who crave modern lines. Honda scooters. Your friends in the city commute and beyond. 

Which Honda Scooter is best for me?

 All around the world you’ll find the Honda Super Cub. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s an icon in the scooter world. The latest evolution, the LAMS-friendly C125 Super Cub, carries on with the timeless looks and reliability, but with more of everything than the original. A fuel-injected 125cc 4-stroke single quietly delivers easy power,  economy and air-cooled simplicity. Shifting is smooth and simple. Suspension is plush and comfortable. And the classic Cub style now has a high-tech touch with Smart Key ignition and security.

Honda’s PCX150 is another prime LAMS choice. Flowing modern lines match up with a low emission liquid-cooled 149cc engine that’s now more robust and powerful than ever, perfect for passenger carrying.  Selectable Engine Stop can cut the engine at idle after 3 seconds for greater economy, re-starting at the roll of the throttle. Headlight is super-bright LED for safety and there’s a full 28 litres of secure underseat storage.

Next on the LAMS list but bringing extra engine capacity to the game is the mighty Honda Forza 300. The Forza’s 279cc, 4-valve liquid cooled engine delivers ample smooth power for regular pillion rides, swift city commuting and even extended road trips. Honda Selectable Torque Control means all grip and no slip, regardless of the weather or road surface. It’s backed up by the safety of ABS braking. An electrically adjustable windscreen will get you through any weather. There’s enormous secure storage, Smart Key ignition and distinctive NSS300 Forza styling - it’s the scooter for every ride.

Benly is another well-known Honda name and the MW110 Benly is a true workhorse, designed as a utility and delivery bike with lots of practical touches. The PGM-FI engine pumps all the power you need from its 108cc, sipping from a big 10-litre tank that stretches a long way between top ups. Behind the comfy seat is a huge carry deck for bags, boxes, or whatever you choose to strap on, using the wealth of hooks provided. Nimble handling and combined braking make the Benly the perfect, LAMS compliant  daily ride for safely navigating the city.

Lightweight, ultra-modern and LAMS-friendly, Honda’s NSC110 Dio is easy to ride and handles passengers with no problems at all thanks to its powerful 108cc PGM-FI engine. Economy is the name of the game, the frugal engine made even more so by selectable start-stop that cuts ignition at intersections after 3 seconds, firing up again instantly with a roll of the throttle when the lights turn green. Agile handling is backed up by CBS combined brakes for safer stopping. There’s 25 litres of secure storage backed up by a handy rear rack, super bright headlights and eye-catching style you’ll never get tired of.

The SH150 is an all-purpose beauty with an extra serve of style - the LAMS scooter for the city and beyond. Smooth, quiet torque is easy to access, the liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 150cc engine featuring Selectable Idle Stop economy and Smart Key Ignition, too. LED lighting front and rear is bright, smart and safe. Practicality is everywhere, from the generous glove compartment with 12 volt charging socket to the utility hook for safe bag carrying and a rear rack for parcel carrying. Smoothly styled, elegant and easy to handle, the SH150 is set to become Honda’s next city commuter legend.

Honda brings adventure style and ruggedness to the scooter world with the ADV150. One glance and you can tell that this is something special, built to take on the city or backroads with equal confidence. Long-travel suspension including premium Showa rear shocks shrugs off road irregularities. The plush seat is built for all-day comfort and the ADV’s narrow lines make slipping through city traffic a snap. There’s a tool-free 2-way adjustable windscreen, onboard 12 volt charging socket, all-LED lighting and even Smart Key ignition. The look is tough and muscular and the reliability of the 149cc liquid-cooled PGM-FI engine is pure Honda. 

The whole world knows the venerable Honda CT110, its familiar form previously powering millions of postal deliveries around Australia. Now meet the latest evolution of an icon - the CT125. The charmingly old-school look is very much the same, but the 125cc, single-cylinder 4-stroke engine is now electric start. There’s plenty of power for city commutes or roving further afield. Braking is now safer than ever, with discs front and rear plus ABS. Seat and chassis now easily accommodate passengers, as does a beefed-up swingarm. That rear rack is now bigger than ever. Chunky tyres cope well with both bitumen and gravel. And there’s also LED lighting and a modern digital display. Instantly familiar from a distance, better than ever to ride - that’s the new CT125. 

Why choose Bikebiz for my Honda scooter?

Bikebiz has a long association with the Honda brand, so you can put your trust in our Honda experts. There’s a big range, real understanding, superb service and of course very competitive prices on Honda scooters and indeed every bike in the Honda range.

Centrally located in Granville, we’re ready to show you through the whole range in a Sydney Honda showroom that will help you get your journey started.

We always aim to offer the best prices in the city – just take a look at our special offers and finance plans, and you’ll see we’re serious about value.


How do I get started?

Your Sydney Honda specialist team is ready to meet you at our store in Granville. Our enthusiastic people will be happy to walk you through the showroom and answer any questions you might have about the Honda scooter range. Can’t wait to get started? Browse our website any time at all, or just give us a call. At Bikebiz, we’re ready to help you hit the streets on a Honda scooter today!