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Honda LAMS Motorcycle Range

What is a Honda LAMS approved bike?

As a learner motorcycle rider, you face limitations on what bikes you can legally ride. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a 50cc scooter thanks to the LAMS scheme, which allows novice riders to ride bikes with an engine no larger than 660cc and a power-to-weight ratio of 150kw per tonne.

If you’re looking for some of the best LAMS bikes money can buy, you should check out our range of Honda LAMS approved motorcycles.

Which Honda LAMS motorcycle is best for me?

Whether you’re a speed junkie, an off-road adventurer or urban dweller, you’ll find the perfect Honda LAMS bike in our extensive range. 

If you just need a stylish runner that’s affordable to purchase, fuel and insure, you might be interested in Honda LAMS approved motorcycles with engines smaller than 150cc, such as the MW110, NSC110 DIO or the CB125E. 

Perhaps you have ambitions to master the dirt trails, in which case the CRF250 is a perfect choice. Opt for the Rally version if you want a machine that looks as fierce as it rides.

The FORZA 300 is a comfortable scooter that’s perfect for highway cruising. If you prefer the iconic designs of the classics, you’ll love the CMX, Monkey and MW110.

If you’re simply after a machine that packs as much power into a learner approved bike as possible, you should look into the CB series of Honda LAMS bikes. The CBR500R looks identical to something you’d see on a race track, while the CB650F is more minimalist yet no less muscular thanks to its skeleton design, which guarantees to turn heads.

With so many Honda LAMS approved motorcycles available, narrowing down on the best bike for you can be challenging. If you need help, simply drop by our store in Granville or call us.

Why choose Bikebiz for my Honda LAMS motorbike?

At Bikebiz, we’ve been approved suppliers of LAMS motorcycles for the world’s most highly esteemed manufacturers for over 30 years. We’ve grown to become the top-rated supplier in NSW, and not just because of our flexible finance options, an extensive range of LAMS bikes and our superb Honda service.

Both novice and seasoned riders choose Bikebiz because we’re a team of motorcyclist enthusiasts who value customer satisfaction above all else. Learn more about our Honda LAMS approved motorcycles by calling us today.

How do I get started?

Purchasing a Honda as your first learner bike is a wise choice. If you’re ready to buy a reliable machine that’ll prove as thrilling as practical and safe, simply make an inquiry online or call us for advice. Alternatively, you can apply for finance online by visiting the page of your preferred bike. If you’d like to come and view our bikes in person, you’re more than welcome. Come over to our Granville store to discuss your riding requirements with our enthusiasts.