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Honda SH150

Honda SH150 pearl jasmine white colour, parked


The SH150 is lightweight, compact and fun to fly, the SH150 never fails to draw attention with its elegant, curved design. With its powerful performance and light handling, the SH150 makes cross-town errands and enjoys a never-ending ride every day. The SH150s PGM-FI fuel injection results in optimum scooter performance as well as a fuel-saving Idle stop feature. With flat contours, delicate lines and curves, the bodywork of the SH150s flow down to its tapered end. The final effect-the ideal lines to shield you from the elements, so that you can reach your target by looking the way you want. The SH150 provides a seamless sense of urban beauty and the highest degree of comfort The SH150 offers a superb smooth all-purpose ride that received immediate acclaim for its outstanding handling and effortless performance. To make the everyday life onboard the SH150 that little bit more comfortable, it is also equipped with the Honda Smart Key system.