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Honda Monkey in Banana Yellow colour, parked on the street


All are in love with the Honda Monkey. The original Monkey was a success in the 1960s; add a few decades of evolution, throw in a few bananas, and you have Honda's truly classic mini-bike re-imagined for today. With a style that draws heavily on the original, complemented by new, luxury features such as USD forks, twin rear shocks, LCD sensors, IMU-based ABS, and full LED lighting. The wet weight is just 107 kg. The Monkey was so much fun and so easy to ride, it did more to promote the idea of bikes to a broader audience than any other vehicle. With its chunky tires, mini-'ape' style handlebars, tiny fuel tanks, and big, squash bench, the Monkey's look is indistinguishable from its day, but – much like the love with which it is kept – still timeless. Who doesn't want a pocket-sized town with the name of the Monkey and the famous, resurrected, and ready for life in the 21st-century area?