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BMW Heritage Motorcycles

BMW Heritage Motorcycles

With their timeless designs, unrivalled comfort and capability to handle high speeds with ease, it’s no wonder heritage motorcycles are just as appealing today as their counterparts were as far back as the 1930s. And BMW is widely considered to be a top manufacturer of machines that combine iconic style with untethered power and advanced technology.

At Bikebiz, we stock the latest, best and meanest BMW heritage bikes in Sydney. View our range and try to resist the urge to come and see them up close and personal. 

Which BMW heritage motorcycle is best for me?

If you’re an experienced rider looking for a heritage bike you can personalise, the R nine T range of motorcycles are a wise investment. Design elements such as minimal bolts as well as a separate engine and chassis wiring harnesses make modifications straightforward. But even left alone, the looks of our Nine T bikes demand attention and never age. The bikes in the R nine T series include:

Follow the links above to learn about the differences between each model. If you have any questions or prefer to get your info from a motorcycling expert, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

 If you want an iconic hallmark of the BMW brand that produces an astonishing amount of power and features an unmistakably muscly appearance, you might want to take a look at the BMW R 18. This incredible machine is a modern take on the old classic, plus the largest boxer engine ever built by BMW. This beast features design elements from the original model released nearly a century ago. And its fishtail rear silencer makes it sound as good as it appears. 

Why choose Bikebiz for my BMW heritage motorbike?

Heritage bikes, cruisers, sports bikes – we love them all. But what we love more is setting up our clients with a ride that’ll keep them into their hobby forever. Our commitment to customer service and high-value prices has helped us become the leading motorcycle supplier in Sydney. We have two stores where visitors are welcome to take our bikes by the handlebars and view the most extensive range of BMW heritage bikes in Sydney. 

Check out our special offers to see how high value we are for yourself. We’re pretty confident we’ll be giving you a tour of our BMW beauties soon.

How do I get started?

Ready to buy a modern take on a timeless icon that you’ll enjoy cruising across the country for years or decades? Make an enquiry online, and one of our motorheads will reach out to you in no time. We can provide more info on our models, such as specifications, finance options and services, over the phone. But we hope you come to see our new range of BMW heritage motorcycles for yourself by dropping by