Motul Tyre Repair (Anti Crevaison)

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Tyre Repair Repairs and reinflates tyres (with or without tubes) instantly and conveniently. TYRE REPAIR (ANTI CREVAISON) consists of mainly latex that does not damage your tyres. Use TYRE REPAIR (ANTI CREVAISON) for temporary remedy to faulty tyres. Features;  

• Repairs and reinflates tyres immediately without removal or tools 

• Latex based: Does not damage the tyre or the tube 

• The MOTUL TYRE REPAIR container is pressurized and permits all types of tyres to be reinflated, for tyres over 15", a second spray might be necessary 

• Enables several hundred kilometres to be covered before repairing using the traditional methods 

• Shock-resistant aluminium spray 

• 300ml Aerosol Can

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