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On any street, the new Versys 1000 offers maximum riding enjoyment. The highly responsive in-line four engine combined with a nimble chassis delivers sport performance in the most comfortable of settings. A weekend solo scratch, the daily commute, the long distance tour; solo or two-up the Versys 1000 will handle all that you can throw at it. The upright seating position, range of genuine accessories and and engine that loves to perform make the Versys 1000 the ideal city bike that comes alive on the twisty roads. Change your view and ride the Kawasaki Versys 1000; comfort and performance.

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Deep cushioning and tailor-designed seat material offer superb comfort for long-distance riding. The seat's slim desing and the knee grip characteristics of the tanks afford good freedom of movement, allowing the rider to change sitting position. Thick urethane increases comfort and contributes to a seat height that places the rider in a position of fun controllability. The rear seat is sculpted to support and "lock-in" the pillion. Kawasaki's most comfortable and secure pillions seat on a sports touring bike.

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The centre stand on the 2016 Versys 1000 is now a standard feature, offering increased utility and facilitating maintenance work. A true sports touring bike feature, the centre stand. Essential to make the ongoing maintenance tasks like lubricating your chain and checking the tyre pressures, easier to do.

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Larger, ø310mm front petal discs gripped by opposed 4-piston calipers deliver stronger stopping power with good brake touch and feel. The revised brake pad material offer stronger initial bite. The latest-spec ABS is a standard feature on all Versys 1000 models. The high-spec ABS unit is ultr compact, very lightweight and enables high precision ABS control. True to the Versys 1000's envisioned riding environment, ABS settings are designed to facillitate controlled braking in a variety of street riding situations.

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Lightweight 6-spoke wheels that measure 17" are ideal for sporty street performance. The tyre selected for their road sports potential offer increased cornering performance for more fun in hills, increased high speed stability and a stronger on-road image to go with the Versys 1000 refreshed styling.

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Aluminium twin tube frame design features frame beams that go over the engine, allowing a narrow construction that is easy to grip with your knees. Lighweight and highly rigid, the frame uses the engine as a stressed member. It contributes to handling, offering a firm, planted feel, good stability and light, nimble turning. Setting the caster angle to 27° contributes to a good balance of high speed stability and neutral handling character that suits sporty street riding.

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Real world riding occurs on streets that are often less than circuit smooth - road imperfections (bumps, holes) are far from rare, and some streets are not even sealed - Kawasaki engineers chose long travel suspension to enable riders to carve corners with aplomb. The Versys 1000 is not designed for off-road use, but the long travel suspension's ability to cope with less than perfect street conditions allows the Versys to remain composed where-ever you take it.

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To maximise the Versys 1000's fun factor, engineers wanted to provide the most exciting engine possible. The engine needed to deliver more than just performance figures. The engine they chose is a 1043cm3 In-line Four, tuned for flexibility. Superb throttle response, strong torque at all rpm (especially in the lo-mid range) and a seductive intake howl ensure that every twist of the throttle delivers a physical and aural sensation that you will find addictive.

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Tough-design multi-function instrumentation includes an analogue style tachometer and LCD with speedometer, fuel gauge, odometer, clock, dual trip meters, current and average fuel consumption, remaining range, and external air temperature. Large analogue-style tachometer is complemented by a multi-function LCD screen controlled by a convenient handle switch. Revised meter face adds to sporty looks.

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21 litre fuel tank adds to the touring abilities of the 2015 Versys 1000. With engine and transmission settings (calculated) range on one tank could be 400km. New design fuel gauge inside the fuel tank enable a very precise estimation of the remaining range.

Type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke In-Line Four
Displacement 1,043 cm³
Bore and Stroke 77 x 56 mm
Compression ratio 10.3:1
Transmission 6-speed, return
Length / Width / Height 2,240 mm / 895 mm / 1,400 mm
Seat Height 840 mm
Curb Mass 250 kg (includes full fuel tank)
Fuel Capacity 21 L