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The Bike that Builds Champions

For more than 30 years, Kawasaki’s smallest KX motocross bike has played a key role in the sport of motocross, providing a race-winning platform on which countless national and world champions have begun the journey to superstardom. Today, Kawasaki’s KX65 maintains the same successful attributes, including a powerful and reliable two-stroke engine, lightweight chassis, disc brakes and long travel suspension. Its reputation as the quintessential learning tool for young racers taking their first steps into the world of competitive riding is well deserved.

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Key Features

Updated graphics and styling based on the 2017 KX250F and KX450F. 64cc two-stroke engine with digital ignition offers ideal timing for better throttle response throughout the rev range. An electrofusion-coated cylinder with advanced exhaust and transfer ports for awesome power and performance at higher rpm. Six-speed transmission offers positive action and rugged durability; hard chrome-finished shift fork ends resist wear

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Built for competion and to put them out the front of the pack. Easy, competitive operation to assist in building motocross riding skills. Digital ignition offers ideal timing for optimal throttle response throughout the rev range. Ignition rotor features rare-earth magnets, making it smaller, lighter and more durable. Its low inertial moment improves low-rpm response. High capacity ignition coil delivers a higher secondary voltage for a hotter spark, and the punchier response improves acceleration. Connecting rod big-end bearing features a cage for added durability. Primary gear is secured using a lock-nut to help reduce mechanical noise. The oil seal of the left crankcase has a stopper for increased engine reliability. Metafoam gaskets are used for the generator cover, water pump cover and water pump elbow for improved sealing. Silver clutch and ignition covers resist the signs of boot rub to help keep the KX looking fresh for longer

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A high-performance engine needs high-performance stopping power and the KX65’s mighty front and rear disc brakes deliver powerful braking performance and high resistance to fade. A re-designed front brake lever now also offers even better feel. Light and powerful. Ergonomic front brake lever shape offers easy operation. The front and rear brakes resist fading. Large 180mm front and rear disc brakes with single piston calipers for superb braking performance. The rear brake has O-rings sealing the pivot for smooth operation.

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The KX65’s UNI-TRAK® rear suspension system features a rising-rate action that increases the damping strength as the suspension compresses. The nitrogen-charged shock offers 4-way rebound damping adjustability, a stiff spring (in Lime Green), and damping settings to accomodate aggressive riding. The rocker arm is made of cast aluminium to save on weight. The bottom link design helps lower the centre of gravity, which makes the bike feel lighter and easier to handle. The external reservoir cools the shock fluid, increasing fade resistance to keep the damping consistent on the nitrogen-charged shock.

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Aluminum rims reduce unsprung weight and their strength adds durability. The 2016 KX65 receives black aluminium rims just like the larger KX models. The look of the 2016 KX65 is taken from the big brother KX450F and KX250F The aluminium reduces unsprung weight for improved suspension action.

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Front fork springs and damping settings reduce bottoming for more aggressive riding. The large 33 mm inner tubes assure rigidity for great handling on rough courses. Four-position rebound-damping adjustment accommodates different riding styles and terrain. Suspension built to reduces fatigue, improve line holding and create confidence. The KX65 has candy lime green type II forks caps just like the KX250F and KX450F.

Displacement 64.7 cm³
Bore & Stroke 44.5 x 41.6 mm
Compression Ratio 8.4:1
Transmission 6-speed
Dimensions 1,590 x 760 x 955 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.8 L
Seat Height 760 mm
Curb Mass 60 kg includes all fluids at correct levels and full fuel tank