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Always pushing to the limit and in search of the ideal line? You've now got 152 kW (207 HP) of unbridled power to push your RR to the max. With a maximum torque of 113 Nm at 11,000 rpm and a torque curve of at least 100 Nm over a range of 5,500 to 14,500 [rpm], it's time to unleash pure performance. Ten years after the first generation of the RR first mesmerized the world of motorcycles, we're now entering the next level of performance. We have revised almost every component of the RR - the result: less weight and noticeably higher performance. Are you ready for the pole position and victory? The RR awaits you.

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Designed For Pole Position

Lay eyes on this bike and you are immediately aware: This is a serious high performance motorcycle. Every part of the RR has been designed for maximum performance. The frame layout with its new suspension technology makes the RR lighter and more precise. In addition, the ergonomically perfected seating position is unrivalled thanks to the modified frame and fairing design. The standard LED headlights give the bike an absolutely dynamic and aggressive look. The front indicators have wandered from the fairing to the rearview mirrors, which not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also provides improved visibility. Seen from the rear, the RR dominates in terms of design and functionality: "All-in-one" is the motto here. In addition to number plate lighting, the number plate holder now also includes LED turn signals, tail lights and brake lights.

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Ready For The Circuit

When it comes to top performance, the RR is your perfect partner. Not just on the road, but also on the circuit. In a few simple steps, you can dismantle both the rearview mirror and the number plate holder to transform your racing bike.

The optionally available M Package turns your RR into the ultimate racing machine. The weight is reduced by around 3.5 kg down to a mere 193.5 kg. In addition to the Motorsport finish, the M carbon wheels, the M battery, the M seat, the M tail rising and the M swing arm pivot you also receive Pro riding modes with the configurable riding modes Race Pro 1-3 and electronic assistance systems, such as DTC +/- Shift, ABS Settings, engine mappings, wheelie control and slide control and a whole lot more.

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Tail Unit

For the first time at BMW Motorrad, turn signals, brake lights and tail lights are all in one unit. In a few simple steps, this can be dismantled for use on the circuit.

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Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) of the next generation

The new RR is optionally available with DDC on board. So you always have the perfectly adapted damping within a record-breaking 10 ms - whether on the motorway or the circuit.

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6.5" TFT Display

Pioneer among the superbikes: the 6.5" TFT display of the RR. Configuring the riding modes is extremely easy.

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Everything under control: Thanks to the intuitive menu guidance, you control the information and settings on the 6.5" TFT display with the multi-controller.

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M Carbon Wheels

With the optional M carbon wheels with a 0.5 mm thicker brake disc, the total weight of the RR is reduced by 1.7 kg. By reducing the rotating mass, the agility and ultimately the performance of the bike is massively increased.

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LED Lights

The headlights: LED technology as a standard feature and the iconic design of the position lights gives the RR that unmistakable BMW look.

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M Seat

Maximum support and energy-saving ergonomics for maximum performance: Never before has relaxed riding and the battle for the last hundredths of a second been as enjoyable as with the new M seat of the BMW RR.

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Swing arm on trussing

Unique selling point of gargantuan stature: from the circuit to series production. The RR is the only superbike equipped with a swing arm on the trussing.

Type Water/oil-cooled 4-cylinder 4-stroke in-line engine, four titanium valves per cylinder, BMW ShiftCam
Bore / stroke 80 mm x 49.7 mm
Compression ratio 13.3:1
Dry weight 175 kg (M Package 173.3 kg) without battery
Fuel consumption per 100 km based on WMTC cycle 6.4 L
Seat height 824 mm
Usable tank volume 16.5 L