Akrapovic Exhaust System Yamaha MT09 XSR900 Titanium

SKU#: 90798-32403-A1

Unleash that Unique Triple Sound


New from Akrapovic, a stunning new Racing Line exhaust system for the all-new Yamaha MT-09. Designed to complement the stylish street-sport MT-09, the Akrapovic Racing Line exhaust allows the 847cc Yamaha engine to breathe and deliver increased levels of performance – and a deep resonant exhaust tone unique to Akrapovic.


Key features of the Yamaha MT-09 Racing Line exhaust are:

- Increased power-to-weight ratio with weight reduction of 2.4kg (5.3 lb) compared to stock exhaust
- Claimed Peak power gain of 4.0kW (5.4HP) @ 9900rpm
- Claimed Peak torque gain of 5.3Nm (3.9ft-lb) @ 5000rpm
- Increased torque and power output throughout the midrange
- One-piece welded manifold assembly for ease of fit
- Improved throttle response
- Retains standard Lambda sensor
- EC-Type approved (optional Akrapovic catalyzer required)

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