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Featuring some of the most advanced rider-assist technology in the ATV world, the Grizzly 700 EPS has become popular with many different types of leisure riders and landowners who appreciate its high levels of comfort, as well as the ability to transport rider and cargo across extreme terrain where few other vehicles would dare to go. The new Grizzly 700 EPS has been designed to build on the formidable strengths of the previous model while also offering improved style, performance and functionality. Featuring restyled bodywork as well as a more powerful engine, larger 26-inch wheels and even greater carrying capacity, the Grizzly 700 EPS offers even higher levels of class leading performance, comfort, style and functionality.

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The Grizzly 700 EPS gets a newly designed front grill, front carry bar and front carry bar cover that give it a unique and more aggressive look to complements its 'best in class' performance. New LED lights front and rear give this ATV a contemporary and sporty image, and the new V-shaped blow-moulded carry bar cover and 'eyebrow' style bodywork accentuate the new model's strong and purposeful face. Displacing 708cc, the new engine is 20cc bigger than the previous model, and another significant change is the use of a newly designed double overhead camshaft (DOHC) 4-valve cylinder head that gives increased running efficiency. Featuring a 44mm Mikuni fuel injection system, the engine delivers 9% more torque and 6% more power than the previous design, and the character of the increased power delivery is optimized so that the Grizzly 700 EPS is able to deliver smooth and strong performance across the rev range.

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To match the aggressive and sporty new styling, the Grizzly 700 EPS is also equipped with newly designed front and rear racks that integrate with the new body panels. With a 50kg front load and 90kg rear load - up by a total of 10kg compared to the current model - the Grizzly 700 EPS enables recreational riders and utility users to carry up to 140kg safely and securely. The new model also benefits from the inclusion of three new storage compartments: two at the front and rear, as well as a new central storage compartment immediately in front of the rider. To give higher levels of riding comfort together with superior handling, the Grizzly 700 EPS is equipped with newly designed KYB nitrogen gas shocks at the front and rear. Giving increased stroke and running with revised damping settings as well as a softer initial stroke at the rear end, these new shocks give 193mm front travel and 232mm rear travel. The shocks are also adjustable for preload, allowing the rider to tailor the settings to suit the prevailing terrain conditions or load.

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The Grizzly 700 EPS benefits from Yamaha's industry-leading Ultramatic® transmission that features High, Low, Reverse, Neutral and Park modes. Regarded as being the most durable CVT in the ATV world, the Yamaha Ultramatic® system incorporates a sprag clutch that gives a natural all-wheel engine braking feeling when decelerating or descending hills. The Ultramatic® system also delivers constant belt tension for smoother operation and increased durability and service life, and an integrated cooling fan ensures stable and consistent performance. Another class-leading rider aid to be featured on the Grizzly 700 EPS is the On-Command® 4 wheel drive system. Using one button situated on the right side handlebar, the rider can quickly and easily select 2WD, 4WD or 4WD with diff lock, to suit the terrain. This high-tech push-button system delivers instantaneous drive, enabling the rider to switch seamlessly between different modes depending upon the circumstances.

Length / Width / Height 2070mm / 1230mm / 1253mm
Displacement 708.0 cc
Bore x Stroke 103.0 x 85.0 mm
Compression Ratio 10.0 : 1
Transmission Ultramatic® CVT automatic V-belt
Seat Height 860 mm
Wet Weight 314Kg (18.0L Fuel)
Engine Liquid-cooled single, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valves