Slacker Digital Sag Scale Street Bike Adaptor

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Street Bike Adaptor Only - Digital Sag Scale can be found here

Take Control of Your Ride!

Setting your sag is the simplest, most overlooked adjustment that you can make to drastically improve the handling of your bike. It’s also the most important step in setting up your suspension for your weight and ability. Checking your sag regularly and adjusting it for different conditions is key to getting the most out of your bikes suspension and assure it handles as intended. For faster tracks you can run more sag to make the bike more stable and on tighter tracks you can run less sag so the bike turns better. Once you get this setting right you will be amazed at how well your bike handles. Check it often and always measure it according to the owners manual or you can use a purpose built system like the Slacker digital sag scale to eliminate any guesswork.

The Easiest, Most Accurate way to set sag.

Slacker is an easy to use system that allows a person to quickly and easily make precise adjustments to their bike’s suspension. It was developed over the course of two years with input from industry leaders like Factory Connection, Pro Circuit and MB1 Suspension to assure the accuracy, consistency and reliability of the tool.

Universal Mounting: The Slacker digital sag scale works on both front and rear axles and is excellent for setting up new generation SFF Spring and Air forks. The clamp attaches to number plates or fenders offering great flexibility. With the addition of the Slacker Street Kit you can use Slacker on pretty much any dirt or street bike. Slacker even sticks to your toolbox for easy access! Street Slacker Adaptor can be found here

Remote Display: A remote LCD display can be strapped on the bars allowing a single person to easily take measurements.

Any Bike, Any Time: The Slacker digital sag scale works with any off-road bike 65cc or above with steel axles as well as most street/sport bikes when used with the Slacker Street Kit . This, along with the universal clip, ensures that Slacker works on almost any motorcycle with steel axles. Titanium axle adapters are also available!

Save Time and Energy with Slacker!

Rather than using an inaccurate mechanical sag scale, having to recruit a friend, or worrying if the measurements were taken correctly, the Slacker sag tool simplifies the process. Simply attach the scale using the universal magnetic mount and clip, turn on the scale with the bike on the stand, then take it off the stand and mount it in your normal riding position. The Slacker digital sag scale instantly provides readings on its LCD display and the remote display. That is all there is to it! No fumbling with tape measures, recruiting a friend, or worrying about accuracy. Adjust your bike and get back to racing!

You don't just set sag once!

Sag changes over time for many reasons including regular wear and tear on the suspension components. Wether you just ride for fun or are a serious competitor you should check your sag at least every other ride and also any time you adjust your chain, change tires or anytime the bike doesn't feel like it is handling right. This will assure your bike handles properly and is consistent and predictable. I don't know how many times I have changed my damping around trying to get the bike dialed in only to find my sag is off and I have to put everything back where I started. This is not a one time proposition, you need to check your sag regularly if you want your bike to handle correctly. Our pro riders check it every practice and before every moto which is why Slacker is now used by so many teams and privateers- speed and ease of use.

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