Quad Lock 1" Ball Adaptor Mount

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Hassle Free Phone Mounting

Integrate Quad Lock® with your existing motorcycle RAM mount using the Quad Lock® 1” Ball Adaptor Mount.


The strong, patented dual-stage lock means you can ride with confidence knowing that your phone is secured to your motorbike without the need for cumbersome lanyards, straps, bands or magnets. No matter the terrain.

Use your existing 1” RAM socket arm to securely grip the 1” Rubber Ball Adaptor.


No tools needed. The familiar 1” Ball Adaptor makes it quick and easy to install to your existing 1” RAM socket arm at a viewing angle that suits you.

Simply twist and lock to attach your phone. Use the lever and twist to detach.


Reduce the size of your current mount so that your phone sits discreetly on your motorcycle in either portrait or landscape mode.

Tech Specs:

  • Compatible with all Quad Lock® Cases and the Universal Adaptor
  • Compatible with 1" RAM Socket Arm
  • Glass filled nylon
  • Stainless steel hardware

PLEASE NOTE: Quad Lock Case and 1" Socket Arm Not Included

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