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The Premium Tourer


Launched as the GL1000 in 1975 its horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine was not only physically different, it felt very different with a silky output perfect for long days in the saddle. A six-cylinder, 1500cc overhaul in 1987 saw the Goldwing once again state its intent and purpose to benchmark the ultimate touring machine.

The core appeal of the Goldwing remains its unique ability to make long-distance travel a truly rewarding and enjoyable experience. 43 years of development have lead to the new-generation Goldwing Series, 'the Premium Tourer' drastically renovated to offer a more superb riding experience for rider and passenger.

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The Goldwing’s frame has been redesigned, utilizing an aluminium twin tube configuration to allow for more flexibility and weight reduction. Die-cast aluminium parts are fully used for the frame body. The riding position for both the rider and passenger have been moved toward the front and the seat rail has been shortened.

To achieve ‘excellent dynamic performance and comfort with an enhanced controllability in a wide variety of situations,’ the Goldwing now adopts a newly developed front double wishbone suspension system. The cushion functions for absorbing shock and the fork holder responsible for steering are separated from each other. The shock transmitted from the road surface to the handlebars has been reduced by about 30% compared to the previous model, resulting in a much smoother ride.

A new attaching method of the swing arm to the frame results in weight reduction of 2kg and increased stability. Adopted for the rear suspension is a manually adjustable preload system, coupled with Honda’s Pro-Link system to ensure a comfortable ride.

For the new Goldwing, electronically controlled dual combined ABS optimally distributes braking force to the front and rear wheels, in linkage with the current Riding Mode of choice, automatically adjusting the braking characteristics more in line with the riding situation, which has enhanced the sense of security in riding.

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The new Goldwing has hill start assist and cruise control, ideal for long-range highway cruising. For the first time in a large motorcycle, Honda has adopted both an Idling stop system and an ISG (Integrated Starter Generator.) The Idling stop system provides excellent fuel economy whilst the ISG integrates the starter motor and generator functions into one compact unit for further weight reduction and mass centralisation.

With the following smart systems now installed, the 2018 Goldwing has become more convenient and easier to use. The smart systems are activated by the exclusively designed smart key and include: System for tuning ON or OFF the ignition. It has now become possible to turn ON or OFF the ignition and lock the handlebars while just carrying the smart key. It is possible to open and close the saddlebags without the hassle of actual key operation, as long as the customer carries the smart key with them. Vehicle finder system where pushing and holding the Call button of the smart key results in the hazard lamp flashing. The Emergency Stop Signal system (ESS) assumes the function of promptly warning the following vehicles of sudden heavy braking by automatically activating the hazard lights.

High-grade textures, 7-inch full-colour TFT liquid crystal display screen and its three-dimensional design, offer a cockpit view with both a luxurious feel and cutting-edge characteristics, worthy of the flagship model’s cockpit. With the addition of the tyre pressure monitoring system, a warning light is displayed only when tyre pressure is low. As well as offering the latest technologies and features for the audio systems, the new Goldwing offers the Apple Car-Play system enabling access to wide-ranging information.

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Touring Features

While the new Goldwing boasts a sharp and compact appearance, it has also achieved improvements in the comfort required of a tourer (wind protection) and in its economy (the reduction in air resistance leading to improved fuel efficiency.) With its improved dynamic performance making the vehicle body considerably lighter and more compact, the superior quality feel created under the ‘Premium Tourer’ theme gives rider and passenger a quality ride. The styling of the new Goldwing conveys at a glance its cutting-edge characteristics and the dramatically improved performance, in harmony with the functions required of each area of the vehicle body. Improved ergonomics in regards to the dash layout as well as creature comforts like heated grips, LED headlights and tail lights. Electric windscreen – short The new Goldwing adapts comfort truly worthy of a next-generation tourer with the adoption of an electric windscreen, it enables the rider to freely adjust with a left handlebar switch the windscreen angle and height in a step-less manner.

Type 1833cc, liquid-cooled, longitudinal, 4-stroke, horizontally opposed 6-cylinder (F6)
Bore & Stroke 73 x 73mm
Compression Ratio 10.5:1
Transmission 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission
Dimensions 2,475mm x 905mm x 1340 (low screen) 1445 (high)
Seat height 745mm
Fuel capacity 21L
Curb Mass 364kg